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You can find us inside the floricultural market of Milano. We have a big exhibiting space, divided into areas with different climate, where, due to a constant control of the temperature and humidity level we satisfy the diverse conservation demands of our products.


Thanks to the setting of a wide cooperation network with companies operating in the various production markets and the continuous search of new channels of supply, we offer a wide variety of high quality products. In this later years, paralell to the traditional fresh cut flowers segment, we have developed one for particular items and exotics, coming from all over the world.



We deliver directly with owned trucks in Milano and surroundings. Thanks to specialized curriers we are able to deliver in Italy and Europe; delivery time varies depending on destination.






Working hours:
Monday thruogh Friday: from 6.30 to 16.00
Saturday: from 6.30 to 13.00





Fresh flower wholesaler
Supplies for florists
Bartolomeo Bracco
B.B. Fiori SRL
Via Lombroso, 95 - 20137 Milano
Tel.: +39-02-45490230 +39-02-45490552 - Fax.: +39 02 54166570
email: info@bbfiori.com

Partita IVA: 09933550155