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Who we are

A big experience that comes from the far 1913.

The Bracco family reaches a third generation creating a dynamic leading company in continuous expansion.

At the new exhibiting area inside the floricultural market of Milano, Bartolomeo Bracco helped by his family and a very valuable staff, introduces the widest variety of fresh cut flowers that arrive daily from the most selected markets in the world.

What it always differentiates B.B. Fiori is the quality of its service, the high level of proffesionalism, the widest variety and so the possibility of satisfy every particular demand from the master florist, while reaching high specialty in the continuous search of peculiar and exotic novelties.


Working hours:
Monday thruogh Friday: from 6.30 to 16.00
Saturday: from 6.30 to 13.00


Fresh flower wholesaler
Supplies for florists
Bartolomeo Bracco
B.B. Fiori SRL
Via Lombroso, 95 - 20137 Milano
Tel.: +39-02-45490230 +39-02-45490552 - Fax.: +39 02 54166570
email: info@bbfiori.com

Partita IVA: 09933550155